About Us

Asbestos RM is a fully licensed and insured asbestos removal service, operating primarily in the greater Sydney area. Our professional and friendly service starts from the moment you contact us and we come to your site to organise a free estimate.

Job safety and environmental analysis is conducted before every job so that our dynamic team can move in and out, swiftly and safely, allowing you to continue your renovations.
Our highly experienced and trained staffs have the skills needed to tackle any asbestos removal job. Employing the latest and safest equipment, we can overcome any problems encountered on site, whether it is your home, an office or a factory, leaving it a safe and asbestos free environment.

Nearly all homes, buildings and industrial facilities such as factories built before 1990 will contain some asbestos products, ranging from asbestos cement, floor tiles, water pipe insulations, bathrooms, walls, roofs, gutters, fences, etc. If you have any concerns, please contact us and we will provide a simple sample collection and analysis to determine asbestos content. If asbestos removal is warranted, we will thoroughly inspect your premises, ensuring every spot is checked and cleaned, leaving you in a safe environment.